Visit Cornell

The best way to learn about Cornell is to experience it for yourself! Located in Ithaca, New York, Cornell’s campus is a beautiful destination positioned high above the waters of Lake Cayuga. On this page, you will find helpful tips, links, and resources that will help make your stay in Ithaca as enjoyable as possible.

If you plan on coming up for a weekend or just one day, contact us to coordinate your visit to Cornell. Make sure to include your name, high school, and planned major if you have one and we’ll match you with a host or student representative involved in the Jewish community.


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Getting Here 

There are multiple methods of transportation to get to Cornell. Cornell itself has its Campus-2-Campus Bus Service which runs from New York City to Ithaca. Additionally, other bus services such as Greyhoud and Shortline (Coach USA) have multiple buses traveling to and from Cornell everyday from locations all over the North East.

If you live outside the North East, Ithaca has its own airport! Many major airliners have flights landing and taking off  from Ithaca Tompkins Airport everyday. The TCAT bus system which runs through Cornell’s campus has multiple routes which stop through this airport so getting to campus is a breeze. Alternatively, Syracuse Hancock International Airport is only 45 minutes away from Cornell.


Local Hotels

The CJL does not endorse any of the following hotels and simply provides them below as a courtesy for those wishing to visit:
The Statler Hotel at Cornell University
130 Statler Dr
Ithaca, NY 14853
(607) 257-2500
Ithaca Marriott Downtown on the Commons
120 S Aurora St
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 272-2222
Hilton Garden Inn
130 E Seneca St
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 277-8900

Dining Options 

Cornell Dining is known as one of the best University Dining programs in the country, and this reputation extends to Kosher dining. The main kosher dining hall on Cornell’s campus is 104West!, located conveniently right next to the CJL. Hot Kosher meals are served twice daily (lunch and dinner) every day of the week. For freshman living on North Campus, 104West! maintains another kosher station located in the new Toni Morrison Dining Hall. This location currently serves fresh pre-packaged meals from 104 West! during dining hours. All Cornell Kosher products are produced in the 104West! kitchens by Cornell Dining staff. The “hashgachah”, the kosher certification, is provided by the Star-K to Cornell Dining under the supervision of our full time Mashgiach. 

Please note that Kosher food is only available when Cornell is in session. For alternative Kosher food options, contact the CJL.

Besides facilities run by Cornell Dining, local stores such as Wegmans sell a wide variety of kosher products including meat products. BJ’s Wholesale Club in Ithaca also maintains a fully kosher bakery with KOF-K certification. All baked goods are dairy.

Directions from Campus 

From North Campus 

  1. Follow Thurston Avenue towards Central Campus
  2. Thurston Avenue becomes East Avenue
  3. Turn Right on Campus Road (T intersection)
  4. Continue through the light at Central Avenue and down the hill
  5. At the intersection at the bottom, turn left onto South Avenue (almost a 180 degree turn)
  6. The Center for Jewish Living is located at the end of that block, at the intersection of South Avenue and West Avenue

Walking Directions — From Anabel Taylor Hall (ATH)

  1. Take the staircase near the Hillel Library and Lounge as far downstairs as you can go
  2. When at the door to the One World Room, go through the door to the left, then follow the passage to the building exit
  3. Cross the parking lot, then turn left
  4. Take the staircase to your right, down the hill
  5. At the bottom of the staircase, continue down the street for one block. The Center for Jewish Living will be in front of you at the next intersection.

Walking Directions — From McGraw Tower & Uris Library

  1. Walk down Ho Plaza (away from the Arts Quad)
  2. Just before you reach Willard Straight Hall, the first building on your right), there will be a path leading down the hill to your right
  3. Take this path down the hill towards the winding road to your left.
  4. Cross this road, then follow the road’s sidewalk, continuing downhill
  5. When across from West Avenue, there will be a path to the left. Take this path. The Center for Jewish Living is at the end of this path.

Directions from the Tristate 

The CJL is located at 106 West Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850
Driving Directions — From Points South East (NYC, Long Island, NJ)

From Interstate 81 & New York State Route 79

  1. Take Exit 8 from I-81 at the Whitney Point Exit for NYS Route 79
  2. Follow Route 79 West towards Ithaca
  3. Once you enter the Ithaca city limits, you will be on State Street
  4. Turn Right on Stewart Avenue (2nd light after the yellow flasher)
  5. Turn Right on South Avenue (3rd right after the red flasher — it’s the sharp right)
  6. The Center for Jewish Living is located at the end of that block, at the intersection of South Avenue and West Avenue