Kosher Dining


104 West! Dining Hall


Cornell Dining is known as one of the best University Dining programs in the country, and this reputation extends to Kosher dining. The main kosher dining hall on Cornell’s campus is 104West!, located conveniently right next to the CJL. Hot Kosher meals are served twice daily (lunch and dinner) every day of the week. For freshman living on North Campus, 104West! maintains another kosher kitchen, It’s Kosher!, located in the Northstar Dining Room at Appel Commons.  This location serves hot meals twice daily Sunday-Thursday of each week. All Cornell Kosher products are produced in the 104West! kitchens by Cornell Dining staff. The “hashgachah”, the kosher certification, is provided by the Star-K to Cornell Dining under the supervision of our full time Mashgiach. Prospective students and visitors are able and encouraged to visit either of these locations. 104West! accepts all credit/debit cards and Northstar accepts cash and credit/debit cards.

Kosher To-Go

On campus and don’t have time to eat at 104 West! or Northstar in between classes? Not to worry, 104West! also sends packaged meals to several coffee shops and retail dining locations on campus, which can be purchased with Cornell’s “Big Red Bucks,” included in most Cornell meal plans.

The locations where kosher meals are available include:

Ivy Room
Noyes Community Center
Libe Slope Cafe (Olin Library)


Mattin’s (Duffield Hall)
Big Red Barn
Carol Tatkon Center
Bear Necessities (Robert Purcell Community Center)
Sage Hall Atrium Cafe

Note: Kosher food is only available when Cornell is in session. For alternative Kosher food options, contact the CJL.

Local Kosher Food

Besides facilities run by Cornell Dining, local stores such as Wegmans sell a wide variety of kosher products including meat products. BJ’s Wholesale Club in Ithaca also maintains a fully kosher bakery with KOF-K certification. All baked goods are dairy.


104 West!


104! West:


Phone Number: (607) 272-6907


  • Lunch – 11:00am-2:00pm
  • Dinner- 5:00pm-7:00pm

Lunch at 104 West!  is freshly cooked hot meals, as well as food made to order by our incredible staff. Try the phenomenal stir fry, home made pizza, or your own choice omelette!
Dinner is always served hot and freshly made that day. Dinner will always include a meat or chicken entree as well as a vegetarian option.

It's Kosher! - Northstar Dining Hall

It’s Kosher! Station at Northstar Dining Hall


  • Lunch- 11:00am-2:00pm
  • Dinner-5:00pm-8:00pm

Hot meat meals are sent to this location from 104 West! twice a day. Also maintains a freshly stocked salad bar, a variety of cold cuts and a hotdog station.