Learning Opportunities


There are a myriad of different Jewish learning styles and opportunities available for Cornell students. Students can learn in a Chevruta or in group Shiurim (classes) with the JLIC couple, the mashgiach, or fellow students. Regular shiurim are given on Shabbat along with weekly student-led Mishmar (evening learning) and a Gemara Shiur given by Rabbi Kasdan. Additionally, we regularly have visiting Scholars-in-residence throughout the academic year. Past guests have included the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yona Metzger Shlit”a, Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, Rabbi Marc Angel, Wendy Amsellem, and Rabbi Zvi Leshem.


The London Kollel at Cornell University

The London Kollel at Cornell University provides a warm and structured Beit Midrash for Cornell students in addition to offering a  semesterly stipend. The Kollel is in memory Rabbi Yitchak London zt”l.  Stipends are received through a special fund created by Rabbi London’s family.

The kollel program is open to ALL students (guys and girls, grads and undergrads, CJL members and GDIs) who commit to learning a few hours a week. It is very easy to set up a great schedule of chavrutot and shiurim that would allow you to join the program -all CJL learning programs qualify for the stipend program.

It is divided into three tracks:


Hours 4 6 10
Stipend $100 $200 $350


For more information, contact Rabbi or Mrs. Kasdan or the CJL Religious Programming Chairs.

Support the Beis 

Since its inception, the CJL has been a place of Jewish Learning. However, the physical Beit Midrash was created by recent alum Andrew Marks with the aid of a past JLIC Rabbi, Rabbi Joshua Ross, and contributions of the Rothman Foundation and others. If you are interested in donating to the Beit Midrash, please fill out the donation form.