O-Week Events

Here are some of the awesome events taking place this week that we both know you’ll love

Event Description Time & Location Registration Link
First Shabbat Dinner

It’s time to sit back,relax and enjoy a traditional shabbat meal! Schmooze with friends and enjoy delicious kosher cuisine. Best part of all, it’s part of your meal plan! (and yes,there will be matzo ball soup)

 8/19- 7:00 PM @ 104 West! Register here
Frisbee and Picnic on the Arts Quad Relax and hang out with CJL on Arts Quad during some of the most beautiful weather Ithaca has to offer.No registration necessary 8/20- 2:00 PM
Post-Shabbat Make Your Own Sundaes  Come down to the CJL , meet new friends, reminisce with old ones and enjoy great food. No registration necessary 8/20- 9:00 PM @ CJL
Sunset Boat Tour on Cayuga Lake  More information coming soon 8/21- 7:30 PM
Go-Karting More information coming soon 8/22-     12 PM