Prospective Student FAQ

How can I get get to Cornell in order to visit?

There are multiple methods of transportation to get to Cornell. Cornell itself has its Campus-2-Campus Bus Service which runs from New York City  to Ithaca. Additionally, other bus services such as  Greyhoud and Shortline (Coach USA) have multiple buses traveling to and from Cornell everyday from locations all over the North East.

If you live outside the North East, Ithaca has its own airport ! Many major airliners have flights landing and taking off  from Ithaca Tompkins Airport everyday. The TCAT bus system which runs through Cornell’s campus has multiple routes which stop through this airport so getting to campus is a breeze. Alternatively, Syracuse Hancock International Airport is only 45 minutes away from Cornell.

Feel like driving? We have directions our site on how to get to Cornell.

What’s Shabbat like at Cornell ?

Shabbat at Cornell is amazing ! About 150-250 Students attend Friday night dinner on any given week. All denominations (ie. Reform,Conservative, Orthodox ) have their own services in Anabel Taylor Hall and then walk down to 104 West! for a communal dinner. Dinner consists of five star food, a dvar torah and ,usually, one of the many acapella groups at Cornell performs for the crowd. After dinner, many people  will move next door and hang out in the CJL late into the night.

On Shabbat day, after each minyan finishes services, a communal dairy kiddiush is held in Anabel Taylor. From there, everyone heads down to the CJL where the JLIC Rabbi gives a pre-lunch shiur. For lunch, students can either eat at 104 West! or alternatively participate in the Cornell Hillel Lunch & Learn program in the Hillel Library.  After lunch, many people will hang out in the CJL until Seudah Shlishit. Following Seudah Shlishit, there’s marriv in the CJL Beit Midrash followed by a communal havadalah.


How do you access the dorms on Shabbat?

Cornell provides regular keys to all dorms for students who are sabbath observers. In order to get one, simply go to your dorms service desk and ask for one.


What kosher food options are available on campus ?

Click here to see the kosher food options available at Cornell.


What happens if an exam falls on Shabbat or a Holiday ?

Most professors are more than happy to schedule an alternative exam time with observant students. However, it is your responsibility to check your class’s syllabus within the first two weeks of the semester to check for any conflicts and notify your professors. Professors need ample time to schedule alternative exam arrangements.


How to I get items that are necessary for certain holidays ?(ex: Chanuka, Sukkot)

The CJL supplies anything you may need for all holidays (ie. Menorah, Esgrog and lulav). Register with the Listserve to be updated.


Are there learning opportunities at Cornell ?

There are a plethora of learning activities at Cornell. Look here for more info.


What kind of social events happen at the CJL ?

From go-karting ,movie nights,ski trips and everything in-between , the CJL runs a variety of programming for its members. Check out our events page for more info. Additionally, the CJL runs special members  only events which require that  you register as a member first in order to be notified.