Shabbaton Schedule

Schedule for: Fall 2016 Shabbaton

Friday  Time Location
 Shacharit 7:45 AM  Center for Jewish Living- Chapel
 BBQ Lunch* 11 AM-3 PM  104 West!
 Candle Lighting 7:30 PM
 Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat 6:05 PM  Anabel Taylor Hall- Edwards Room
 Shabbat Dinner 7:30 PM  104 West!
 Oneg 9:00 PM  Center for Jewish Living- Beit Midrash
 Shacharit 9:15 AM

 Anabel Taylor Hall — Edwards Room

 Kiddush 11:15 AM  Anabel Taylor Hall- One World Cafe
 JLIC Parsha Discussion 11:45 AM  Center for Jewish Living- Piano Room
  Shabbat Lunch 12:30 PM  104 West!
 Campus Tour 2:15 PM  Leaves from Center for Jewish Living
 Picnic and Frisbee 4 PM  Arts Quad
 Community Q&A and Chabura 5:15 PM  Center for Jewish Living- Piano Room/CJL Beit Midrash
 Mincha 7:15 PM  Center for Jewish Living- Chapel
 Seudah Shlishit 7:35 PM  104 West!
 Ma’ariv/Havdalah 8:30 PM  Center for Jewish Living- Chapel
Bowling 9:30-10:30 PM Helen Newman Hall
BBQ  10:45 PM  Center for Jewish Living
 Shacharit 8:30 AM  Center for Jewish Living- Chapel
 Brunch* 11 AM- 2 PM  104 West!
 * Cost of meal not covered.