The London Kollel at Cornell University


The London Kollel at Cornell University provides a warm and structured Beit Midrash for Cornell students in addition to offering a  semesterly stipend. The Kollel is in memory Rabbi Yitchak London zt”l.  Stipends are received through a special fund created by Rabbi London’s family.

The kollel program is open to ALL students (guys and girls, grads and undergrads, CJL members and GDIs) who commit to learning a few hours a week.

It is divided into three tracks:

 Hours 4 6 10
Stipend $100 $200 $350

It is very easy to set up a great schedule of chavrutot and shiurim that would allow you to join the program – all CJL learning programs qualify for the stipend program.

For more information, contact Rabbi or Mrs. Finson or contact the CJL Religious Programming Chairs.